The Epstein Story: A book to celebrate 100 years

Few companies reach 100 years of age and are still staying to their original values and culture. Epstein of Chicago is one. To celebrate this achievement, Epstein engaged Stauber Brand Studio to create a commemorative book that celebrates its storied history and most iconic design, engineering, and construction projects.

Epstein’s 100-year growth trajectory parallels the growth of Chicago and other global cities, that of its illustrious client list, and the major industries it serves. This story is conveyed by highlighting the firm’s contributions to the built environment, and its innovative ideas and solutions that have influenced the success and health of industries, people, and communities in the U.S. and around the world.  

The narrative and visual design capture the spirit of the organization as shaped by its immigrant founder who possessed the entrepreneurial determination to make a mark in his new country. The book is structured into two sections. Part 1 is the story of the firm’s history, founding values, collaborative culture, and pivotal people and phases in the company’s evolution. Part 2 showcases the firm’s talents in design, engineering, and construction through the lens of major industries such as aviation, government, hospitality, manufacturing, and transportation.

Personal perspectives on the Epstein history from former and current leadership are woven throughout the 200-page book that features hundreds of images from the company’s extensive library.