The Epstein Story – book cover, flat view

The Epstein Story – Projects section of book

The Epstein Story – Father & Sons section

The Epstein Story – historical photos of Abraham Epstein

The Epstein Story – book interior spread with Mickey Kupperman and global projects

The Epstein Story – Innovative Thinking section

The Epstein Story – interior spread of book with Andy Metter projects

The Epstein Story – O'Hare airport concept rendering

The Epstein Story – interiors spread with urban farm concept drawing

The Epstein Story – Projects section of book

The Epstein Story – Iconic Chicago skyline spread with Mark Ballogg photo of Crain Communicaitons building by Millennium Park in Chicago

The Epstein Story – book spread with historic photos of Jewel company headquarters

The Epstein Story – spread of book with interior design for the American Society for Clinical Pathology

The Epstein Story – Chicago's Riverview Bridge designed by Andy Metter

The Epstein Story - historical photo in Chicago's iconic Federal Plaza development, with Mies van der Rohe and Mayor Richard J. Daley of Chicago

The Epstein Story – book spread with Chicago nighttime skyline photo by Mark Ballogg with Lee Bey quote

The Epstein Story

Working with Joy and her team at Stauber Brand Studio on our 100th Anniversary Book was a complete pleasure. From the upfront collaborative strategy sessions, which developed our approach to telling the tale of our firm, to the interviewing and fact-finding missions which fleshed out the themes, to the development of design concepts which brought the book to life, to the final hand-holding and expert advice during the editing and printing phases of the project, Stauber Brand Studio were incredible visionaries. I could not be more pleased with how the book turned out. An absolute success in all aspects!

Noel Abbott, Director of Business Development and Marketing, Epstein

Few companies reach 100 years of age and are still staying to their original values and culture. Epstein of Chicago is one. To celebrate this achievement, Epstein partnered with Stauber Brand Studio to create a commemorative book that celebrates its storied history and most iconic design, engineering, and construction projects.

Epstein’s 100-year growth trajectory parallels the growth of Chicago and other global cities, that of its illustrious client list, and the major industries it serves. This story is conveyed by highlighting the firm’s contributions to the built environment, and its innovative ideas and solutions that have influenced the success and health of industries, people, and communities in the U.S. and around the world.  

The narrative and visual design capture the spirit of the organization as shaped by its immigrant founder who possessed the entrepreneurial determination to make a mark in his new country. The book is structured into two sections. Part 1 is the story of the firm’s history, founding values, collaborative culture, and pivotal people and phases in the company’s evolution. Part 2 showcases the firm’s talents in design, engineering, and construction through the lens of major industries such as aviation, government, hospitality, manufacturing, and transportation.

Personal perspectives on the Epstein history from former and current leadership are woven throughout the 200-page book that features hundreds of images from the company’s extensive library.


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