Think your business doesn’t revolve around IT? Think again.


Your business depends on IT, even if you’re not a tech company. As stated in the IT Revolution Manifesto: most organizations rely on IT more than they know. Almost every commitment a company makes to the outside world, whether it’s related to projects, operations, compliance or financial reporting, requires IT.

IT Revolution wants to help organizations “manage IT to win.” Their DevOps Resource Guide is one of many ways they help practitioners get started with their DevOps journey.

Agile, Continuous Improvement, cloud computing, Big Data, DevOps, Lean principles … there are a lot of ideas and conversations around all of it right now. As more organizations realize the critical role IT plays on so many levels for their functioning and success, the DevOps movement grows. IT Revolution’s DevOps Resource Guide provides an expert jumping-off point.

Our design goals for the guide were to present best-of-breed content in a user-friendly and engaging manner, while also beginning to build a distinct visual language for IT Revolution publications.