Why every company should be a design company.

Design is about much more than how your brand communications look. A well-executed design strategy can create a distinct, cohesive vision and brand experience — on every level, at every touchpoint, internally and externally. Using design to its fullest is not just about creating tangible brand communications such as annual reports and websites. It’s about creating an excellent brand experience and supporting business goals.

In this article in AdAge, Every Company Is a Design Company, Nelson Kunkel, Chief Design Officer at Deloitte, states: 

It’s been clear for years that customer experience is one of the biggest differentiators in today’s market. Design is fundamentally the discipline of making thoughtful decisions that create better outcomes for people—and so customer experience is the direct result of a company’s investment in design.

He also shares this stat: 

When Design Management Institute studied publicly traded companies over 10 years, it found that design-led organizations outperformed their competition by 211%.


The truth is that if you have a company or a brand, you are using design. So use it well! Use it intentionally. Employ design to its fullest to elevate your brand, align and inspire your employees, connect with the people you want to reach, and grow your business.