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The whole team at Tom Peters, including Tom himself, loves working with Stauber Brand Studio—whose fierce attention to detail matches our own. More importantly, we value the level of thought behind every choice made in the design process.”

Shelley Dolley, Tom Peters Company

Excellence with a capital E. That’s what Tom Peters has been passionate about since he co-authored In Search of Excellence, first published in 1982. He continues to write and speak about Excellence today.

Our work with Tom Peters Company has encompassed a full spectrum of print and digital brand communications. Initially, we created seasonal banners for the Tom Peters website. Then the Tom Peters website was re-launched with a new design direction that allows people to easily explore vast amounts and types of content. The approach reflects Tom’s passion and energy, the overall brand, and the spirit of everyone in his organization. Excellence Now, a sister website, is where Tom shares  an incredible trove of material. Details like email templates help carry a unified brand identity into the in-boxes of Tom’s followers.

Tom’s consulting counterparts in the UK asked us to redesign the Tom Peters Company website to relate to the main Tom Peters site, and to more effectively provide clear paths through brand messages. Content was reorganized and rewritten to provide clarity and establish TPC’s positioning. The platform was redeveloped in WordPress (thanks to Su at House of Pretty) to enable TPC to easily post updates and maintain the site on their own.

The design direction for Tom’s book The Little BIG Things: 163 Ways to Pursue Excellence at Work set out to reflect Tom’s energy in a sophisticated, muscular way. One of the main challenges with this project was to make very spirited and atypical content fit into the form of a somewhat traditional hardcover business book. The result is a very thick book packed with Tom’s insight and enthusiasm for what boils down to doable ways to pursue Excellence in all that you do. The book’s endpapers outline Tom’s “19 Es of Excellence” and a companion poster was designed to provide inspiration for an office wall.

Visit to see more or get a dose of business inspiration. While you’re there, read the Cool Friends interview where Erik Hansen and Joy Panos Stauber talk about the design approach for The Little BIG Things, using your powers for good, and more.