Make your brand’s purpose and passion clear.

Everyone at 800-CEO-READ loves business books. They believe in the power those books have to transform people and the business context in which we all operate. The brand’s purpose and passion are palpable when you walk into their office.

The company’s founder, Jack Covert, made that happen. He devours business books and knows the right ones to solve all kinds of real-life problems. He developed a team to get those ideas and solutions out into the world.

800-CEO-READ’s brand communications have evolved to convey the company’s unique point of view and value to the world. In recent work, we elevated the phrase “We believe in books” into a brand mantra (credit for the line goes to 8CR creative lead Dylan Schleicher). It conveys a purpose and passion that is also shared by their customers. There is a shared vision internally and externally — a key attribute of a successful brand.

Jack Covert retired this month (June 2014). The culture, values and spirit of the company he built are ingrained and ready to move forward under new stewardship because that clear purpose and passion are so firmly rooted.

Are you making your brand’s purpose and passion real? It takes a commitment — to building great customer relationships, and to making sure that your internal culture also reflects and delivers on it.

Many thanks to: design intern Lizzie Callen for video creation, Dylan Schleicher at 800-CEO-READ and Kat Schleicher for photography shown in featured work, and to Aaron Schleicher of Juniper Tar (and Author Services at 8CR) for the music.