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Roundtable: women – business – life We are a peer-to-peer forum for independent small business owners to share and discuss ideas, provide collective feedback and… Read more »

Brands Are People Too

A brand is not a veneer you apply to make a business (or product or service or idea) appealing to its intended audience. Instead, a… Read more »

Connect from the outside in.

When developing a new marketing campaign, it’s good to remind yourself of an obvious fact: Your target audience is not you. Why? Because sometimes it’s… Read more »

Design is…

I got an email this morning with this Tom Peters quote: “Design is … an understanding that all the senses were created equal.” It’s true…. Read more »

Drawing explanations.

Sometimes a picture (or a drawing) truly is worth a thousand words. A visual can explain a process or describe relationships. Making a drawing can… Read more »

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